Pantelleria: 300 days of sunshine each year

This fascinating Island lying halfway between Sicily and Africa (70 Km from Tunisia and 120 Km from Sicily), is largely considered the heart of Mediterranean sea. Sun lovers spend unforgettable summer holidays in Pantelleria every year. Its clear waters promise peerless emotions to the visitor loving watersports like diving and snorkeling.

Boat tours around the Island give to visitors wonderful rocky coastline views with its grottoes surrounded by crystal water.

Inside the island you will experience other enchanting emotions with its green landscapes and gentle hills.Heredity of a thousand-year old volcanic activity, The rich volcanic soil shows its lush vegetation and, hiking over many inner trails, its active fumaroles, scattered everywhere, called Favare.
Very famous and well- known are the hot summers in Pantelleria.

Not to miss is the Island during the other seasons, such as in the spring, when nature booms and hills and Mediterranean scrub are scattered with blooms and smelling bushes. In autumn, from the fruits of the earth, we produce an extra fine olive oil and the prize winning passito wine made from zibibbo grapes, both unmissable must for any visitors Pantelleria has been a crossroads of different cultures for thousands of years due to its strategic position. We would certainly recommended to visit the various sites, found out from a massive archaeological research, widespread all around the island.

Must visit in this context is the Dammuso, the typical house of the island, whose origins are Roman. Dammuso faces the centuries with Its one meter external walls and the dome roofs and nowadays, furnished in a modern style and fully equipped, represents an housing jewel for the rental house business. A stay in Pantelleria give you the opportunity to dive into another world, where , maybe, you will find yourself and indulge in strong emotions or you will enjoy a dimension where time seems to have stood still.

You can get to Pantelleria by ship from Trapani (Siremar, departure everyday at 11,00 pm except on Saturday); direct flights from Milano, Bergamo, Bologna, Roma, Venezia and Lugano from May to October; everyday flights from Palermo and Trapani (Alitalia).

See and do:

  • The reserve, the Montagna Grande and Siba sauna
  • Specchio di Venere lake and sulfurous waters
  • The Favara Grande and thefumaroles, Gibele crater
  • San Marco acropolis
  • Mursia Sesi
  • Ghirlanda plane and Byzantine tombs
  • Cala Cinque Denti, Cala Tramontana, Cala Levante and The Faraglione, Cala Gadir and the Hot springs.
  • The Arco dell’ Elefante
  • Dietro Isola, Salto la Vecchia, Nicà and Hot springs
  • Balata dei Turchi
  • Sataria Grotto and Punta Fram
  • The Dammusi and the Pantelleria gardens.